Here are some bicycle links related to  Richmond, Indiana:

General Resources

Rail Trail projects

  • Cardinal Greenways is Indiana’s longest span of recreational trails, with a section that spans from Richmond to Muncie.
  • The National Road Heritage trail is a multi-use trail that has already been planned from across the entire state, as a parallel to National Road (150 miles!). It seems to need more funding and support to actually happen here.

Bicycle Touring

 State and National Events and Routes

Race Across America
Yearly, international participants, televised, hundreds of people passes through
The Rain Ride
Yearly, State-wide, About 1,000 riders and many support people. Finishes here.
Ohio Cross State Bicycle Routes
Has two routes with trailheads here.
America by Bicycle
National bicycle tour that comes through. (They ate at Kountry Kitchen last year!)
The Indiana Atlas & Gazetteer
Shows a state-wide bicycle route network with an entry point in Richmond. I can’t find a specific reference for this online, and see only faint hints of it on the roads anymore.
Self-organized bicycle tours is just one many resources available for cyclists who design their own tours. Last year I hosted one couple passing through town on an bicycle-based vacation, and spotted two others passing through– one was riding coast to coast. I’m sure I missed many others!